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Structure of the guanylyltransferase domain of human mRNA capping enzyme.

Chu C, Das K, Tyminski JR, Bauman JD, Guan R, Qiu W, Montelione GT, Arnold E, Shatkin AJ,
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2011) 108:10104-8 PublishedPSI:Biology  
Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium

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The enzyme guanylyltransferase (GTase) plays a central role in the three-step catalytic process of adding an (m7)GpppN cap cotranscriptionally to nascent mRNA (pre-mRNAs). ...
chemistry genetics 
Binding Sites Crystallography, X-Ray Humans Protein Structure, Tertiary Animals Molecular Sequence Data DNA Mutational Analysis Nucleotidyltransferases Fungal Proteins 
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