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Synthesis and evaluation of quinoxaline derivatives as potential influenza NS1A protein inhibitors.

You L, Cho EJ, Leavitt J, Ma LC, Montelione GT, Anslyn EV, Krug RM, Ellington A, Robertus JD,
Accounts of Chemical Research (2011) 21:3007-11 PublishedPSI:Biology  
Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium

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A library of quinoxaline derivatives were prepared to target non-structural protein 1 of influenza A (NS1A) as a means to develop anti-influenza drug leads. ...
chemistry chemical synthesis drug effects antagonists & inhibitors pharmacology 
Humans Structure-Activity Relationship Enzyme Activation Molecular Structure Transcription Factors Enzyme Inhibitors Nuclear Proteins Inhibitory Concentration 50 Viral Nonstructural Proteins Quinoxalines 
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