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Interferon-inducible protein 16: insight into the interaction with tumor suppressor p53.

Liao JC, Lam R, Brazda V, Duan S, Ravichandran M, Ma J, Xiao T, Tempel W, Zuo X, Wang YX, Chirgadze NY, Arrowsmith CH,
Structure (2011) 19:418-29 PublishedPSI:Biology  
Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium

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IFI16 is a member of the interferon-inducible HIN-200 family of nuclear proteins. ...
chemistry metabolism genetics 
Crystallography, X-Ray DNA Nuclear Proteins Protein Interaction Domains and Motifs Cell Line, Tumor Escherichia coli Humans Crystallization Phosphoproteins DNA-Binding Proteins Tumor Suppressor Protein p53 Binding Sites Interferons Protein Binding Transcriptional Activation Models, Molecular Recombinant Proteins 
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