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NMR solution structure of Thermotoga maritima protein TM1509 reveals a Zn-metalloprotease-like tertiary structure.

Penhoat CH, Li Z, Atreya HS, Kim S, Yee A, Xiao R, Murray D, Arrowsmith CH, Szyperski T,
Journal of Structural and Functional Genomics (2005) 6(1):51-62 PublishedPSI:Phase 2  
Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium

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The 150-residue protein TM1509 is encoded in gene YF09_THEMA of Thermotoga maritima. ...
chemistry methods enzymology 
Models, Molecular Protein Structure, Tertiary Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Molecular Sequence Data Sequence Alignment Thermotoga maritima Zinc Protein Folding Binding Sites Metalloproteases Amino Acid Sequence Consensus Sequence Sequence Homology, Amino Acid Bacterial Proteins 
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J Struct Funct Genomics. 2005;6(1):51-62.