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  1. Insights into Substrate Specificity of NlpC/P60 Cell Wall Hydrolases Containing Bacterial SH3 Domains.
    Xu Q, Mengin-Lecreulx D, Liu XW, Patin D, Farr CL, Grant JC, Chiu HJ, Jaroszewski L, Knuth MW, GODZIK A, Lesley SA, Elsliger MA, Deacon AM, Wilson IA 
    JCSG, mBio (2015) 6:e02327-14
     PSI:Biology(Details)(Pubmed ID: 26374125)
    PDB ID(s): 3M1U 3NPF 3PVQ 4R0K
    Times cited: 6

  2. Cofactor-induced reversible folding of Flavodoxin-4 from Lactobacillus acidophilus.
    Dutta SK, Serrano P, Geralt M, Axelrod HL, Xu Q, Lesley SA, GODZIK A, Deacon AM, Elsliger MA, Wilson IA, Wüthrich K 
    JCSG, Protein Science (2015) 24:1600-8
     PSI:Biology(Details)(Pubmed ID: 26177955)
    PDB ID(s): 2MWM 3EDO 2N1M
    Times cited: 0

  3. Structure-based discovery of NANOG variant with enhanced properties to promote self-renewal and reprogramming of pluripotent stem cells.
    Hayashi Y, Caboni L, Das D, Yumoto F, Clayton T, Deller MC, Nguyen P, Farr CL, Chiu HJ, Miller MD, Elsliger MA, Deacon AM, GODZIK A, Lesley SA, Tomoda K, Conklin BR, Wilson IA, Yamanaka S, Fletterick RJ 
    JCSG+STEMCELL, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2015) 112:4666-71
     PSI:Biology(Details)(Pubmed ID: 25825768)
    PDB ID(s): 4RBO
    Times cited: 12

  4. Structure and sequence analyses of Bacteroides proteins BVU_4064 and BF1687 reveal presence of two novel predominantly-beta domains, predicted to be involved in lipid and cell surface interactions.
    Natarajan P, Punta M, Kumar A, Yeh AP, GODZIK A, L A 
    JCSG, BMC Bioinformatics (2015) 16:7
     PSI:Biology(Details)(Pubmed ID: 25592227)
    PDB ID(s): 3KOG 3G3L
    Times cited: 2

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Total number of citations for publications: 4584
Average number of citations per publication (): 27.4