Journal - Molecular Cell

Journal Name: Molecular Cell
ISSN: 1097-2765
Impact Factor: 14.178
Impact Factor Year: 2011

Journal aliases

"Mol Cell"
"Molecular cell"

Publications from this journal

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  1. Mitochondrial ADCK3 Employs an Atypical Protein Kinase-like Fold to Enable Coenzyme Q Biosynthesis.
    Stefely JA, Reidenbach AG, Ulbrich A, Oruganty K, Floyd BJ, Jochem A, Saunders JM, Johnson IE, Minogue CE, Wrobel RL, Barber GE, Lee D, Li S, Kannan N, Coon JJ, Bingman CA, Pagliarini DJ 
    MPP, Molecular Cell (2015) 57:83-94
     PSI:Biology(Details)(Pubmed ID: 25498144)(DOI: 10.1016/j.molcel.2014.11.002)
    PDB ID(s): 4PED
    Times cited: 29

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Total number of citations for publications: 1436
Average number of citations per publication (): 89.8