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Journal Name: Journal of Virology
ISSN: 0022-538X
Impact Factor: 5.189
Impact Factor Year: 2010

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"J Virol"
"Journal of virology"
"Journal of Virology"

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  1. Structure of hepatitis C virus envelope glycoprotein E2 antigenic site 412 to 423 in complex with antibody AP33.
    Kong L, Giang E, Nieusma T, Robbins JB, Deller MC, Stanfield RL, Wilson IA, Law M 
    JCSG, Journal of Virology (2012) 86:13085-8
     PSI:Biology(Details)(Pubmed ID: 22973046)(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.01939-12)
    PDB ID(s): 4G6A
    Times cited: 56

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  3. A conserved domain in the coronavirus membrane protein tail is important for virus assembly.
    Arndt AL, Larson BJ, Hogue BG 
    MPID, Journal of Virology (2010) 84:11418-28
     PSI:Biology(Details)(Pubmed ID: 20719948)(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.01131-10)
    Times cited: 18

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  5. Nuclear magnetic resonance structure of the nucleic acid-binding domain of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus nonstructural protein 3.
    Serrano P, Johnson MA, Chatterjee A, Neuman BW, Joseph JS, Buchmeier MJ, Kuhn P, Wüthrich K 
    JCSG, Journal of Virology (2009) 83:12998-3008
     PSI:Phase 2(Details)(Pubmed ID: 19828617)(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.01253-09)
    PDB ID(s): 2K87
    Times cited: 15

  6. Analysis of the varicella-zoster virus IE62 N-terminal acidic transactivating domain and its interaction with the human mediator complex.
    Yamamoto S, Eletsky A, Szyperski T, Hay J, Ruyechan WT 
    NESG, Journal of Virology (2009) 83:6300-5
     PSI:Phase 2(Details)(Pubmed ID: 19357160)(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.00054-09)
    Times cited: 22

  7. Nuclear magnetic resonance structure shows that the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-unique domain contains a macrodomain fold.
    Chatterjee A, Johnson MA, Serrano P, Pedrini B, Joseph JS, Neuman BW, Saikatendu K, Buchmeier MJ, Kuhn P, Wüthrich K 
    JCSG, Journal of Virology (2009) 83:1823-36
     PSI:Phase 2(Details)(Pubmed ID: 19052085)(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.01781-08)
    PDB ID(s): 2RNK 2JZD 2JZF 2JZE
    Times cited: 22

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  9. Proteomics analysis unravels the functional repertoire of coronavirus nonstructural protein 3.
    Neuman BW, Joseph JS, Saikatendu KS, Serrano P, Chatterjee A, Johnson MA, Liao L, Klaus JP, Yates JR, Wüthrich K, Stevens RC, Buchmeier MJ, Kuhn P 
    JCSG, Journal of Virology (2008) 82:5279-94
     PSI:Phase 2(Details)(Pubmed ID: 18367524)(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.02631-07)
    Times cited: 77

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  11. Nuclear magnetic resonance structure of the N-terminal domain of nonstructural protein 3 from the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus.
    Serrano P, Johnson MA, Almeida MS, Horst R, Herrmann T, Joseph JS, Neuman BW, Subramanian V, Saikatendu KS, Buchmeier MJ, Stevens RC, Kuhn P, Wüthrich K 
    JCSG, Journal of Virology (2007) 81(21):12049-60
     PSI:Phase 2(Details)(Pubmed ID: 17728234)(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.00969-07)
    PDB ID(s): 2GRI 2IDY
    Times cited: 31

  12. Novel beta-barrel fold in the nuclear magnetic resonance structure of the replicase nonstructural protein 1 from the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus.
    Almeida MS, Johnson MA, Herrmann T, Geralt M, Wüthrich K 
    JCSG, Journal of Virology (2007) 81(7):3151-61
     PSI:Phase 2(Details)(Pubmed ID: 17202208)(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.01939-06)
    PDB ID(s): 2HSX
    Times cited: 34

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  14. Structural determinants of chemokine binding by an Ectromelia virus-encoded decoy receptor.
    Arnold PL, Fremont DH 
    MCSG, Journal of Virology (2006) 80:7439-49
     PSI:Phase 2(Details)(Pubmed ID: 16840324)(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.00576-06)
    Times cited: 28

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  16. Structural genomics of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus: nuclear magnetic resonance structure of the protein nsP7.
    Peti W, Johnson MA, Herrmann T, Neuman BW, Buchmeier MJ, Nelson M, Joseph J, Page R, Stevens RC, Kuhn P, Wüthrich K 
    JCSG, Journal of Virology (2005) 79(20):12905-13
     PSI:Phase 2(Details)(Pubmed ID: 16188992)(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.79.20.12905-12913.2005)
    Times cited: 29

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  18. Identification of a gammaherpesvirus selective chemokine binding protein that inhibits chemokine action.
    van Berkel V, Barrett J, Tiffany HL, Fremont DH, Murphy PM, McFadden G, Speck SH, Virgin HW IV 
    MCSG, Journal of Virology (2000) 74(15):6741-7
     PSI:Phase 2(Details)(Pubmed ID: 10888612)(DOI: 10.1128/JVI.74.15.6741-6747.2000)
    Times cited: 147

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