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Total Publications 2314
Publication with ≥5 Citations 1987
Avg. Citations (Structural) 43.0
Avg. Citations (Methodological and Other) 76.0
Total Citations 135230
Total Impact Factor (Weighted sum of impact factors of journals of publication) 14,132.5
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Ramelot TA, Cort JR, Yee AA, Liu F, Goshe MB, Edwards AM, Smith RD, Arrowsmith CH, Dever TE, Kennedy MA (2002)
Myxoma virus immunomodulatory protein M156R is a structural mimic of eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF2alpha.
Journal of Molecular Biology, 322(5), 943-54
Times cited: 27
Keller JP, Smith PM, Benach J, Christendat D, deTitta GT, Hunt JF (2002)
The crystal structure of MT0146/CbiT suggests that the putative precorrin-8w decarboxylase is a methyltransferase.
Structure, 10(11), 1475-87
Times cited: 30
Zhang RG, Grembecka J, Vinokour E, Collart F, Dementieva I, Minor W, Joachimiak A (2002)
Structure of Bacillus subtilis YXKO--a member of the UPF0031 family and a putative kinase.
Journal of Structural Biology, 139(3), 161-70
Times cited: 14
Zarembinski TI, Kim Y, Peterson K, Christendat D, Dharamsi A, Arrowsmith CH, Edwards AM, Joachimiak A (2003)
Deep trefoil knot implicated in RNA binding found in an archaebacterial protein.
Proteins, 50(2), 177-83
Times cited: 33
Eswaramoorthy S, Gerchman S, Graziano V, Kycia H, Studier FW, Swaminathan S (2003)
Structure of a yeast hypothetical protein selected by a structural genomics approach.
Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography, 59(Pt 1), 127-35
Times cited: 24
Liu G, Sukumaran DK, Xu D, Chiang Y, Acton T, Goldsmith-Fischman S, Honig B, Montelione GT, Szyperski T (2004)
NMR structure of the hypothetical protein NMA1147 from Neisseria meningitidis reveals a distinct 5-helix bundle.
Proteins, 55(3), 756-8
Times cited: 6
Baran MC, Huang YJ, Moseley HN, Montelione GT (2004)
Automated analysis of protein NMR assignments and structures.
Chemical Reviews, 104(8), 3541-56
Times cited: 74
Ramelot TA, Cort JR, Goldsmith-Fischman S, Kornhaber GJ, Xiao R, Shastry R, Acton TB, Honig B, Montelione GT, Kennedy MA (2004)
Solution NMR structure of the iron-sulfur cluster assembly protein U (IscU) with zinc bound at the active site.
Journal of Molecular Biology, 344(2), 567-83
Times cited: 101
Spraggon G, Pantazatos D, Klock HE, Wilson IA, Woods VL, Lesley SA (2004)
On the use of DXMS to produce more crystallizable proteins: structures of the T. maritima proteins TM0160 and TM1171.
Protein Science, 13(12), 3187-99
Times cited: 46
Rife C, Schwarzenbacher R, McMullan D, Abdubek P, Ambing E, Axelrod H, Biorac T, Canaves JM, Chiu HJ, Deacon AM, DiDonato M, Elsliger MA, Godzik A, Grittini C, Grzechnik SK, Hale J, Hampton E, Han GW, Haugen J, Hornsby M, Jaroszewski L, Klock HE, Koesema E, Kreusch A, Kuhn P, Lesley SA, Miller MD, Moy K, Nigoghossian E, Paulsen J, Quijano K, Reyes R, Sims E, Spraggon G, Stevens RC, van den Bedem H, Velasquez J, Vincent J, White A, Wolf G, Xu Q, Hodgson KO, Wooley J, Wilson IA (2005)
Crystal structure of a putative modulator of DNA gyrase (pmbA) from Thermotoga maritima at 1.95 A resolution reveals a new fold.
Proteins, 61(2), 444-8
Times cited: 5
Zhang R, Skarina T, Evdokimova E, Edwards A, Savchenko A, Laskowski R, Cuff ME, Joachimiak A (2006)
Structure of SAICAR synthase from Thermotoga maritima at 2.2 angstroms reveals an unusual covalent dimer.
Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications, 62(Pt 4), 335-9
Times cited: 12
Rao KN, Kumaran D, Seetharaman J, Bonanno JB, Burley SK, Swaminathan S (2006)
Crystal structure of trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase-related protein: biochemical and biological implications.
Protein Science, 15(7), 1735-44
Times cited: 31
Petkowski JJ, Chruszcz M, Zimmerman MD, Zheng H, Skarina T, Onopriyenko O, Cymborowski MT, Koclega KD, Savchenko A, Edwards A, Minor W (2007)
Crystal structures of TM0549 and NE1324--two orthologs of E. coli AHAS isozyme III small regulatory subunit
Protein Science, 16(7), 1360-7
Times cited: 14
Hermann JC, Marti-Arbona R, Fedorov AA, Fedorov E, Almo SC, Shoichet BK, Raushel FM (2007)
Structure-based activity prediction for an enzyme of unknown function.
Nature, 448(7155), 775-9
Times cited: 183
Wlodawer A, Minor W, Dauter Z, Jaskolski M (2008)
Protein crystallography for non-crystallographers, or how to get the best (but not more) from published macromolecular structures.
FEBS Journal, 275, 1-21
Times cited: 103
Xu Q, Traag BA, Willemse J, McMullan D, Miller MD, Elsliger MA, Abdubek P, Astakhova T, Axelrod HL, Bakolitsa C, Carlton D, Chen C, Chiu HJ, Chruszcz M, Clayton T, Das D, Deller MC, Duan L, Ellrott K, Ernst D, Farr CL, Feuerhelm J, Grant JC, Grzechnik A, Grzechnik SK, Han GW, Jaroszewski L, Jin KK, Klock HE, Knuth MW, Kozbial P, Krishna SS, Kumar A, Marciano D, Minor W, Mommaas AM, Morse AT, Nigoghossian E, Nopakun A, Okach L, Oommachen S, Paulsen J, Puckett C, Reyes R, Rife CL, Sefcovic N, Tien HJ, Trame CB, van den Bedem H, Wang S, Weekes D, Hodgson KO, Wooley J, Deacon AM, Godzik A, Lesley SA, Wilson IA, van Wezel GP (2009)
Structural and functional characterizations of SsgB, a conserved activator of developmental cell division in morphologically complex actinomycetes.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 284, 25268-79
Times cited: 17
Wang S, Kirillova O, Chruszcz M, Gront D, Zimmerman MD, Cymborowski MT, Shumilin IA, Skarina T, Gorodichtchenskaia E, Savchenko A, Edwards AM, Minor W (2009)
The crystal structure of the AF2331 protein from Archaeoglobus fulgidus DSM 4304 forms an unusual interdigitated dimer with a new type of alpha + beta fold.
Protein Science, 18, 2410-9
Times cited: 2
Xu Q, Bateman A, Finn RD, Abdubek P, Astakhova T, Axelrod HL, Bakolitsa C, Carlton D, Chen C, Chiu HJ, Chiu M, Clayton T, Das D, Deller MC, Duan L, Ellrott K, Ernst D, Farr CL, Feuerhelm J, Grant JC, Grzechnik A, Han GW, Jaroszewski L, Jin KK, Klock HE, Knuth MW, Kozbial P, Krishna SS, Kumar A, Marciano D, McMullan D, Miller MD, Morse AT, Nigoghossian E, Nopakun A, Okach L, Puckett C, Reyes R, Rife CL, Sefcovic N, Tien HJ, Trame CB, van den Bedem H, Weekes D, Wooten T, Hodgson KO, Wooley J, Elsliger MA, Deacon AM, Godzik A, Lesley SA, Wilson IA (2010)
Bacterial Pleckstrin Homology Domains: A Prokaryotic Origin for the PH Domain.
Journal of Molecular Biology, 396, 31-46
Times cited: 17
Koclega KD, Chruszcz M, Zimmerman MD, Bujacz G, Minor W (2010)
'Hot' macromolecular crystals.
Crystal Growth & Design, 10, 580-586
Times cited: 3
Kim Y, Zhou M, Moy S, Morales J, Cunningham MA, Joachimiak A (2010)
High-resolution structure of the nitrile reductase QueF combined with molecular simulations provide insight into enzyme mechanism.
Journal of Molecular Biology, 404, 127-37
Times cited: 24
Filippova EV, Brunzelle JS, Cuff ME, Li H, Joachimiak A, Anderson WF (2011)
Crystal structure of the novel PaiB transcriptional regulator from Geobacillus stearothermophilus.
Proteins, 79, 2578-82
Times cited: 2
Majorek KA, Kuhn ML, Chruszcz M, Anderson WF, Minor W (2014)
Double trouble-Buffer selection and His-tag presence may be responsible for nonreproducibility of biomedical experiments.
Protein Science, 23, 1359-68
Times cited: 28